Getting started

Last updated: 2022-09-07

The PolyWars game's "brain" is running 100% on the blockchain, the webapp is merely a user interface to facilitate interacting with the PolyWars smart contracts, using your own wallet - commonly referred to as dApp or decentralized app.

This guide is meant to get you up to speed quickly and ready to play. If you're looking for a more detailed description of the gameplay itself, check out the Commander's manual.


# Initial Setup

You'll need a bit of setup to get ready playing - we've got you covered!

+ What you should know before you start

PolyWars is a blockchain game, which can be overwhelming for newcomers. If the first sentences on this page gave you anxiety already, the Polygon and Moralis teams have been creating some first-class introductory materials we're linking to below.

In general, the key concepts are:

  • There's no login or user account, you use your wallet to sign in.
  • Instead of servers, the game runs on smart contracts on the blockchain.
  • Every action you take in the game is a transaction on the blockchain, and all game data is stored on the blockchain.

Some helpful links, from basic to more advanced:

+ Getting your wallet prepared

Now that you know what blockchain and wallets are, let's get you set up. We'll need MetaMask, and add some configuration to let you connect to a network supported by the PolyWars game. Three steps are necessary:

  • Install MetaMask
  • Add custom networks to MetaMask
  • Fund your wallet (free faucets on testnet)

Step by step:

- Install MetaMask

Install MetaMask wallet, either for Desktop (extension for Chrome & Firefox) or Mobile (app for iOS & Android). You can find a detailed step-by-step guide here.

(We recommend using MetaMask for playing PolyWars. Other wallets may work as well, but they are neither tested nor supported by the development team.)

- Add custom networks to MetaMask

Configure MetaMask to be able to access a supported blockchain network (e.g. Polygon Mainnet). You can do this easily by visiting this page with MetaMask enabled and clicking the buttons below, by following the linked guides, or by using

- Fund your wallet

Next you'll need some of your network's native cryptocurrency to pay for transaction fees (e.g. MATIC on Polygon).

For mainnet, the following centralized exchanges support direct withdrawal to the Polygon network, to get your wallet funded easily:

* Affiliate disclosure: The list above contains affiliate links, and PolyWars may be compensated when you sign up and / or trade on these platforms. Please read the privacy policy of affiliated third parties carefully before you agree to disclose any of your personal data, and do so at your own risk and discretion.

That's it, you're ready to take your first steps in the Polyverse.

# First steps in the Polyverse

If your wallet is ready to go, it's time to dive right into deep space. Open your MetaMask browser, navigate to the game, and complete your first steps in the Polyverse as described below.

+ Get ships

First thing you'll need to progress in the Polyverse is ships - no commander without a fleet. If you can see a huge "Claim ships" button within the game, you're one of the lucky first 200 explorers of the Polyverse, and you can mint your first ships for free and get started right away.

If there are no more ships left to claim, you could

The PolyWars team is working on ways to facilitate exchanging and trading game assets, stay tuned!

+ Attack a planet

Time for your first attack. Click "Attack" to open up the Star Chart. Select and attack one of these NPCs. Be aware that your ships need to cool down after each attack.

  • Zero One to Zero Six
  • Rekt and Deadbeat Dan

By winning your first battle, you've collected some XP and looted RESS. The more XP your planet collects, the more RESS you mine.

See the documentation on battles to learn more.

+ Secure your gained RESS

The RESS you mine and the loot you gather are stored on your planet as gained RESS - which can be stolen by your opponents. You can secure your gained RESS by opening the "Manage wallet" screen - this converts it into an ERC20 token and transfers it to your wallet.

See the documentation on securing RESS to learn more.

+ Keep it up

Now you've got the hang of it, keep up the grind - attack and level up, farm and loot, and build up your fleet - to become a legend in the Polyverse.