Commander's manual

Last updated: 2022-09-07

With all details on the PolyWars game, this is the full "commander's manual" to help you navigate the Polyverse.

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# Planets and how to colonize them

Home is where your fleet is! In the Polyverse, every wallet address represents a planet. You can think of your MetaMask wallet as your "player account", and the individual account addresses within MetaMask as your planets.

Every planet in the Polyverse comes with a unique look, created using procedural art, as well as a unique name you can customize.

+ Colonize a planet

Planets get colonized by assigning ships to it. Send your NFTs to a wallet you control, and make sure you have some cryptocurrency (e.g. MATIC on Polygon) to pay for the transaction fees for the battles ahead.

+ XP and RESS-mining

Every planet in the Polyverse holds vast resources in the form of RESS, which can be mined. To ramp up your RESS production, you need to collect XP by winning Battles against other players, or successfully defending enemy attacks. The maximum XP a planet can collect is 10,000 (Level 10).

Inactive planets stop producing RESS. Keep the lights on and your mining from stopping by carrying out attacks frequently. Every attack resets the countdown back to 60.000 blocks.

+ Small planet protection

PolyWars cares for small planets. The following rules and restrictions are in place to protect our smallest colonies:

  • Planets below level 3 (900 XP) produce 2x the RESS per block (more on some testnets). The production rate is reduced for every subsequent XP, so you still get the same amount of RESS for your "first" 900 XP.
  • When attacking enemies with half or less of your own XP, planets from level 3 (900 XP) collect only a fraction of XP, and potential loot is reduced from 20% to 5%.

+ Multiple planets

When you've gotten acquainted with the Polyverse, and got your hands on a couple of ships already, it's time to spread out to more planets.

Remember when we've said MetaMask acts as your player, but you can have multiple account addresses? You can click the "profile picture" in MetaMask to pull up all accounts of your wallet, switch between them, or create new ones.

To colonise a new planet, you can

  • create a new account in MetaMask.
  • transfer some crypto to the account to pay for transaction fees.
  • transfer some ships to it from your current account. You can do this from the game by opening your fleet.
  • (optional) transfer some RESS to it from your current account. You can do this from MetaMask, or from the game by clicking "Manage wallet".
  • switch to your new account in MetaMask, and start exploring your new planet.

+ Abandoning a planet

Do not transfer all your ships to another planet, this could be fatal to your colony. If you leave your planet completely defenseless, the next attack will not only loot all your gained RESS, but also destroy your mining operation, effectively setting back your planet's XP to 0.

On the bright side, if you ever discover a planet without any defenses, you can destroy it completely to loot all the remaining RESS.

# RESS - the most precious resource

RESS is an ERC20 token on Polygon, and in the Polyverse, it's the most precious resource you can think of. RESS can be mined on your planets orlooted from enemies. It's the only known material to withstand the harsh conditions of the Polyverse space, so it's primarily used in Battleship construction.

+ Get RESS

You'll need RESS to create more ships. RESS can only be created by mining on planets in the Polyverse. Collect XP in battles to level up your planet and loot others.

+ Gained RESS, and securing RESS

You may have noticed how you have RESS in your wallet, and "Gained RESS" on your planet. The latter is "unsecured" RESS from your mining operations, and gathered loot.

Only gained RESS can be stolen - to prevent any theft, you should regularly secure your gained RESS in the "Manage wallet" screen. Securing RESS turns it into an ERC20 Token, which can be freely transferred, or used in the game.

Securing mined RESS is a hard task for the ground forces on your planet. Because of the necessary preparations involved, RESS can only be secured once every 20,000 blocks (~11h), so good timing is crucial.

You need to have enough ships stationed on your planet, to provide the necessary personnel. For small planets below level 3, the crew of 3 ships is sufficient to start securing RESS, whereas larger planets require a fleet of 20 ships minimum.

+ Transfer RESS

If you want to send RESS to another account, e.g. to colonize a new planet or on-board a new player (or whatever you want to do with it really), you can either send it from within the game, using the "Manage wallet" screen, or add the Token contract address to MetaMask and transfer it directly from your wallet.

Please note that gained RESS can not be transferred. You have to convert it to ERC20 tokens beforehand, by securing it.

+ Trade RESS (DEX)

You can buy and sell RESS for cryptocurrency on decentralized exchanges (DEX). The following exchanges are supported on their respective networks. You'll need to open the links in MetaMask with the right network selected, for the Token to be automatically recognized.

# Battleships, the commander's pride

The ships is what it's all about, a strong fleet is the doorway to succeeding in the Polyverse. Every battleship in PolyWars is an ERC721 token on the blockchain, but that's not all that makes them special:

+ Build ships

PolyWars ships can only be built by burning RESS. By burning 100 RESS, you can mint 3 random ships to expand your fleet.

You need to approve the game contract to handle your RESS once. You can find both functionalities in the "Manage wallet" screen.

With any luck, you'll snatch a rare ship. Read on to learn more about ship classes, levels, and rarity.

+ Ship classes and levels

All ships have one of 5 ship classes and a level from 1 to 5. These attributes are determined randomly when a ship is minted, and do not change.

The following ship-classes can be built:

  • Mouse: The smallest ship, and the most common
  • Reaver: A simple battleship with 2 seats, high in attack but low on defenses
  • Defender: A chunky ship with a lot of defense, but a certain lack of firepower
  • Bomber: As the name suggests, packs a lot of boom
  • Destroyer: State of the art, highest attack and defense values, rarest ship

+ Rarity

Both classes and levels have different probabilities:

  • 50% Class 1 / Level 1
  • 30% Class 2 / Level 2
  • 12% Class 3 / Level 3
  • 6% Class 4 / Level 4
  • 2% Class 5 / Level 5

In combination, these two give a ship's overall rarity score. The most common ship has therefore a rarity of 25%, the rarest one 0.04%.

+ Unique ships

In addition to classes and levels, every ship has a random seed. Think of it as kind of "DNA", which gives it a unique look, as well as one of ~700 ship names.

+ Transfer ship

You can transfer any ship directly from the game, by opening your fleet and hitting the "Transfer" button below it.

PolyWars ships are fully ERC721 compliant, so they can be transferred from and to every compatible wallet, as well as sold on common marketplaces as OpenSea or Rarible.

+ Burn ships for RESS

Ships with a rarity over 1% (= more common ones) can be burned in exchange for RESS. The amount of RESS salvaged depends on the attack and defense of the burned ship. There's a 20% chance to get double RESS.

The ship will be irrecoverably destroyed in the process.

+ Hangar limit

A maximum of 200 ships can be stationed on a planet. If you're holding more ships in your wallet, they can't defend or attack until you transfer them to another planet. It's "first-in", i.e. the order in which ships have been transferred to your planet determine which ships are active.

Chose your fleet wisely and depending on your planet's level.

# Commanders

Commanders lead and support your troops in the Polyverse.

+ Support your troops

Commanders are our newest addition to the Polyverse, and are coming as drops of limited series of brand new NFTs, with the first series being dropped exclusively to our most diligent Beta testers.

Your Commander will be greeting you in the game if you're holding it in your wallet. With the upcoming update, Commanders will provide different boosts for your planet, and you'll be able to level them up to improve their special abilities. We're very excited for these new features, stay tuned!

Supported Marketplaces:

# Battles in space

The PolyWars masterclass. There's nothing like a brawl in space to bring home some fresh XP and RESS.

+ Attacking players

Click the "Attack" button to open the Star Chart. It shows all planets which are currently colonized.

By clicking a planet, you bring up the attack-screen. It shows you the planet's stats, as well as the expected loot and XP you can earn from a successful attack. You can either launch a Quick Attack with an automatically selected fleet, or manually adjust/select the ships you want to send into battle. Select your fleet wisely, since your ships need to cool down after each attack.

Keep an eye on the attack indicator turning from red to green, that means your fleet should be strong enough to win the fight. Battles are round-based, and the defender shoots first, so you need a bit more than just to match your opponent to be successful.

You can look up all your previous battles, and enemy attacks on your planet, in the Battle Logs.

+ Cooldown

Every time you attack, the following cooldown periods apply.

  • A planet can only be attacked once in 15,000 blocks (~8 hours).
  • Ships require repairs and maintenance, and aren't available for attacks for 500 blocks (~17 minutes). They are also NOT able to defend in case of an enemy attack, so always make sure to leave enough ships to "guard" your planet properly.
  • (The number of blocks may vary by network, the values above are based on a blocktime of 2 seconds, like on Polygon or Avalanche)

+ Collected loot and XP

The RESS you loot and the XP you gain from a successful attack depends on a couple of things:

  • The XP earned in a fight is calculated from the sum of destroyed defenses, divided by a factor between 10 and 100. As you collect more and more XP, the earned XP per battle declines.
  • You loot 20% of the gained RESS of your opponent.
  • Small planet protection may reduce your gained RESS and XP. After reaching level 3, attacking a planet with half or less of your XP will reduce collected XP to the minimum, and looted RESS to 5%.

+ NPCs - Get farming!

"When we've arrived in the Polyverse, some planets where already taken" you can read up in Sgt. Hank's logs. There are a couple of planets in PolyWars which you can attack without fear of retribution - that of course if you can beat them in the first place.

NPCs are marked in the Star Chart, and you can apply filters to show the NPCs only.

# NFT marketplace (DEX)

PolyWars runs an in-game NFT marketplace, 100% decentralized and open-source, where you can buy and sell ships for cryptocurrency.

By using the marketplace, you agree to the terms of service. All interactions with the marketplace are carried out as transactions on the blockchain, users have to bear the gas fees themselves.

+ Sell ships

You can sell your ships directly from the game's "My fleet" screen. Click the Sell button under the ship and set your sale price in cryptocurrency (e.g. MATIC on Polygon). Your listing may take up to 3min to show up on the marketplace.

Putting up NFTs for sale is free. When a ship is sold successfully, a fee of 1% is deducted from the sale price.

Only one listing can be open for any ship at a time. If you put up the same ship for sale again, you're effectively closing the existing listing, and opening a new one.

+ Buy ships

To buy a ship, simply open a listing and click the "Buy" button. Please make sure to open the page with MetaMask, and have enough cryptocurrency in your wallet. The Getting Started section covers everything you need to know about setting up your wallet for PolyWars.

Besides the usual gas fees, there are no additional fees for the buyers of NFTs. The sale may need up to 3min to show up in the marketplace, but your token should be instantly available in your wallet and in the game.

+ Delete listing

To delete a token listing, open it in the marketplace, click on "Delete listing" in the bottom and confirm the transaction with your wallet. Only the owner of the token can delete a listing.

+ External marketplaces

NFTs can be listed on multiple marketplaces at the same time. Any external marketplace can be used, as long as it supports the network you're playing on (e.g. Polygon). The following sites are supported by the PolyWars team:

# What's new?

All updates to the gameplay at a glance, to get you up to speed!

+ March Update

  • Planet Cooldowns have been reduced to 15k blocks. Attack your favorite foe up to 3 times a day!
  • The mining rate for small planets has been reduced, to encourage game progress rather than planet-hoarding.
  • Securing RESS is only possible every 20k blocks, and requires a minimum fleet stationed on the planet.
  • Mining stops on inactive planets, so make sure to attack at least once every 60k blocks to reset the countdown.