About the PolyWars project

Last updated: 2022-09-07

Learn all about the PolyWars project, the team, and our road map.


# About the project

PolyWars is a Play-to-Earn MMO space battle game on the blockchain. It's 100% governed by multiple smart contracts written in Solidity, and can be played with a dApp-enabled browser like MetaMask.

The goal is to level up your planet to mine RESS, an ERC20 Token and the native currency of the Polyverse. RESS can then be used to extend your fleet by minting random battle ships (ERC721 NFTs), to attack and loot other planets.

+ Tokens: Ships, RESS, Commanders

The RESS token can be created only by playing the game. Planets mine RESS, which can be looted by other players, or secured to be transferred to a wallet as an ERC20.

Ships can be minted as ERC721 NFTs by burning RESS, and are assigned random attributes, determining their overall attack, defense, rarity, and appearance.

Our newest addition is a limited series Commander NFT, which will integrate with the gameplay and offer new possibilities - stay tuned!

+ Supported networks

PolyWars is a Multi-Blockchain Game, deployed to multiple networks, each forming it's very own Polyverse.

The following chains are supported - you can play on any of these, or even on multiple ones using the same wallet:

  • Polygon Mainnet
  • Polygon Testnet
  • Evmos Testnet (experimental)
  • Klaytn Testnet (experimental)
  • Moonbeam Testnet (experimental)
  • AVAX Testnet
  • CoinEx Testnet (experimental)
  • Binance Testnet (experimental)
  • Metis Testnet

(Integrations marked as experimental may be "promoted" to Beta, or removed altogether in the future)

Learn how to get ready to play on any of these blockchains here.

+ Smart Contracts

Every action in the game is a transaction on the blockchain, and all the game data is stored in smart contracts. PolyWars is currently powered by the following smart contracts, you can find the source code on Github for public review.

Polygon Mainnet
  • RESS0x5250d6D6C77C114c540B9c415df8d1585F1d364C
  • Ship0xd512a5c1e694b848271FC3CE879E8e7632e2EDeB
  • Commander0x66cDC567924d04e94aBAA4d8BbbB33EF73D7713a
  • Game0x04e079785D88760C6C5cf08E10da50eCee0E029b
  • Market0xE3c3a57E4747A2e2454ec175840b6fDdC2E2c5AB
Polygon Testnet
  • RESS0x1bFD8965c5DDCB841d6cEd6bcE64Dd78D1400D5d
  • Ship0x102d7d235795744d44f862cc8d92dCCC8F46112e
  • Commander0x6748c70cf6288C77AAF77b3e9DE62444FCD9C8b8
  • Game0xdb1Cc7F8756e319fc2CAFE39f56Df843dce8a8f1
  • Market0x8524b159554b2Eab45152b7DcceB3BCEde21B012
Evmos Testnet
  • RESS0xD51BFa777609213A653a2CD067c9A0132a2D316A
  • Ship0x662b526FB70EBB508962f3f61c9F735f687C8fA5
  • Game0xf5cD17E2EA38CF7079bAb4ba2b951e9e8F13Ae12
  • Market0xd512a5c1e694b848271FC3CE879E8e7632e2EDeB
Klaytn Testnet
  • RESS0xD51BFa777609213A653a2CD067c9A0132a2D316A
  • Ship0x662b526FB70EBB508962f3f61c9F735f687C8fA5
  • Game0xf5cD17E2EA38CF7079bAb4ba2b951e9e8F13Ae12
  • Market0xd512a5c1e694b848271FC3CE879E8e7632e2EDeB
Moonbeam Testnet
  • RESS0xD51BFa777609213A653a2CD067c9A0132a2D316A
  • Ship0x662b526FB70EBB508962f3f61c9F735f687C8fA5
  • Game0xf5cD17E2EA38CF7079bAb4ba2b951e9e8F13Ae12
  • Market0xd512a5c1e694b848271FC3CE879E8e7632e2EDeB
AVAX Testnet
  • RESS0x7Bb83CCB91aAEE77F8E9bDCdd311E83AfF6fF1F9
  • Ship0xe806563d49d57Dc5A007b04571C195dd2D62d7Dc
  • Game0xeCA0E1707Ba73B2f4c401eF9AAa174a3E2215296
  • Market0xfB91A9f49DF292cBDcBdF2f941216DA9519cf697
CoinEx Testnet
  • RESS0xD51BFa777609213A653a2CD067c9A0132a2D316A
  • Ship0x662b526FB70EBB508962f3f61c9F735f687C8fA5
  • Game0xf5cD17E2EA38CF7079bAb4ba2b951e9e8F13Ae12
  • Market0xd512a5c1e694b848271FC3CE879E8e7632e2EDeB
Binance Testnet
  • RESS0x662b526FB70EBB508962f3f61c9F735f687C8fA5
  • Ship0x965B104e250648d01d4B3b72BaC751Cde809D29E
  • Game0xE6969775d08171e24165aad38859D3bB96954515
  • Market0x236bdA4589e44e6850f5aC6a74BfCa398a86c6c0
Metis Testnet
  • RESS0xD51BFa777609213A653a2CD067c9A0132a2D316A
  • Ship0x662b526FB70EBB508962f3f61c9F735f687C8fA5
  • Game0xef207Db3f8230eFF7Ad3bbb53Fe4127f9D84Ea07
  • Market0xE6969775d08171e24165aad38859D3bB96954515

# Road map

+ 2021 Q3-Q4

Project start, base development, Beta testing

- Focus

  • Phase 1: Technical architecture, base development of smart contracts and webapp, base artwork, working prototype.

  • Phase 2: Artwork and procedural art, UI and smart contract development, infrastructure upgrades, gameplay improvements based on preview feedback, evaluation of networks, Beta launch.

  • Phase 3: In-game marketplace development, Multi-Blockchain capability, polishing and bugfixing, further gameplay improvements.

- Milestones

  • Website release (2021-08-11)

    The first version of our website goes live, one day after we've made our public appearance on Twitter.

  • Smart contract deployment on Rinkeby Testnet (2021-09-04)

    First touch-down on a public blockchain after local development and testing, one month after the initial project start.

  • Private preview on Rinkeby Testnet (2021-09-15)

    Working prototype to test the game concept and gather first feedback. Test phase of ten days, with ~100 testers signing up for the preview.

  • Announcement to launch on the Polygon network (2021-10-09)

    After evaluating various networks, we've decided to launch on Polygon, so our commanders will enjoy fast transactions and low gas fees.

  • Public Beta Launch on Polygon Testnet (2021-10-30)

    World premiere! At 12:00 GMT, the PolyWars Beta became available to the public, with free seats for the first 200 players.

  • Marketplace Beta test (2021-11-16)

    The marketplace enables players to buy and sell ships for cryptocurrency easily. The smart contract is deployed to Polygon Testnet and integrated into the game, and ready for Beta-testing.

  • Beta Launch on Metis L2 Testnet (2021-12-19)

    PolyWars goes truly multi-blockchain for the first time, and scores a prize in the Metis Ethereum Hackathon.

+ 2022 Q1-Q2

Mainnet release, multi-blockchain expansion, new game assets

- Focus

Polishing, gameplay- and infrastructure improvements, go-live preparation.

- Milestones

  • Beta Launch on Avalanche C-Chain Testnet (2022-01-14)

    AVAX becomes the third network to be supported by PolyWars.

  • Beta Launch on NEAR Aurora Testnet (2022-01-26)

    The wormhole to NEAR protocol has opened! The latest extension to the Polyverse before the mainnet launch.

  • Experimental support for Binance Chain Testnet (2022-02-03)

    Starting with BNB Chain, we've introduced a new category of "experimental integrations", to make it easier for us to explore new networks without the commitment of an official Beta launch.

  • First Mainnet launch (2022-02-18)

    Release of the PolyWars game on Polygon mainnet, including RESS-token and ship-NFTs.

  • Major Gameplay Update (2022-03-23)

    The March update brings fresh gameplay changes.

  • Commander NFTs (2022-04-05)

    Launch of the first series of PolyWars Commanders on Polygon Mainnet, with an exclusive drop for our most diligent Beta-testers.

+ Mid- and long term goals

  • Commander NFTs

    Integration of Commander NFTs into gameplay + levelling up Commanders, and drop of series two.

  • Staking

    RESS Staking with exclusive rewards.

  • Gameplay extensions
  • Multiple new Commander series
  • New ship classes
  • Marketplace improvements
  • Support for multiple mainnets
  • Token bridging between networks
  • Integration / Collaboration with other suitable projects
  • PolyWars DAO

# RESS tokenomics

The PolyWars ERC20 utility token RESS launches together with the game and our battleship NFTs. The initial token issuance will be 1,000,000 RESS, which will be distributed as follows:

I.Liquidity Pool10%
V.Advisors / Contributors10%

There will be no pre-sale, private sale, whitelist, airdrop or such. 100,000 RESS (10%) will be deposited by the PolyWars team into liquidity pools (I.) funded with MATIC on selected decentralized exchanges, to jumpstart the trading of the token.

The warchest (III.) proceeds will be used to fund operations, development and upgrades to the dApp, NFTs, gameplay and the overall PolyWars ecosystem. This also includes business expansion, administrative expenses (e.g. accounting & legal fees), design and development costs, as well as marketing and airdrops/giveaways. Furthermore, the warchest will be used to fund bounties, hackathons, protocol upgrades and an eventual DAO creation.

The reserve (VI.) serves as an "emergency fund", pretty much like a gold reserve known from traditional fiat settings, e.g. to be able to counteract illiquidity on DEXs.

Please note that the supply of RESS is not hard-capped, to ensure the continuous gameplay and unlimited expansion of the Polyverse.

# Meet the team

The PolyWars team members found each other on Reddit in August 2021, and since then have worked full steam ahead, turning a simple idea into an unstoppable project. We're proud of what this excellent team of enthusiasts has accomplished, without any budget or funding, in their free time.

Since we're all gamers here, let us introduce ourselves with our gamer-tag:

  • xtools

    Creator and Lead Dev

  • antti1

    Commander of Product & QA

  • robomonkey

    Procedural Artist

If you want to meet the team, join our community on Discord.

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